Poolesville Piranhas Swim Team
 Poolesville Piranhas Swim Team

    This page contains information from the 2021 summer season about team events, practices, meets, health protocols, team apparel, etc.; the page was updated throughout the season.  Although the info is now past, it remains on this page for reference during the off-season, and for anyone who wants to know more about the Poolesville Swim Team (PST).

    If you are interested in joining the 2022 summer team, or have further questions that this website doesn't address, please contact Donna Lowell, PST A-Representative at: arep@poolesvilleswimteam.us


It should come as no surprise that this 2021 summer swim season will be very different than all others in the past. After the disappointing cancellation of the 2020 season, we all look forward to this summer. However, there will be many changes designed to keep everyone safe during swim practices and competition. We appreciate your understanding and help to make this season the best it can be.


Ice Cream Social – July 28 at Stevens Park

    This is a fun event to celebrate the season, and see teammates and swim families all together one last time before the season ends.

    Please see Team App to RSVP.



Starting June 21st onward (subject to change):

  • Mon to Fri Mornings:

8:00 – 9:00am  13 & Over 

9:00 – 9:45am  11-12s 

9:45 – 10:30am  10 & Under

  • Mon, Tue and Thu Nights:

8pm – 9pm 


Swimmers should not attend both morning and night practices on the same day. Night practices are only for those who cannot attend during the morning on a given day.



See the Meet Schedule & Results page of this website for the 2021 Piranha swim meet schedule, meet dress-up themes, general meet info and sign-up forms for volunteers and the Wednesday B-meets.


Per Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL) Board: 

    “A” swim meets will be run as they have been in the past with the same number of athletes, officials, and other volunteers. Teams can choose if and how many spectators they allow at their meet. Keep in mind, though, that some pools and HOAs may have their own capacity restrictions. Virtual “A” meets are still an option. We highly encourage people to socially distance as much as possible, particularly around swimmers, the majority of whom are unvaccinated.

    The team reps have voted to not have any mask requirement at “A” meets unless required by the home team. However, we encourage anyone who is coming in close contact any swimmer (most of whom are unvaccinated) to please wear a mask and practice social distancing as much as possible.

    Divisionals will remain as three dual meets as previously announced. There will not be an “A” Relay Carnival this year. After speaking to several team reps, we decided that it would be too difficult for divisions and reps to plan these large meets at this late date. Similarly, there will also be no All-Star Relay Carnival this year. We are currently in discussions with Rockville Swim Center regarding Coaches’ Long Course and a two-morning Individual All-Star meet. We hope to have a decision about these meets by mid-June.


Health Protocols

The MCSL Board has removed all COVID-19 protocols for the 2021 swim season. MCSL took into consideration the current CDC guidelines, Maryland state COVID policy, and the fact that Montgomery County is entering Phase 3 of the COVID policy on May 28th which removes all restrictions on outdoor sporting events.  MCSL has confirmed with county officials that we no longer need the COVID waiver.


Team Apparel

Team swim suits can be ordered online from our vendor.  Please refer to Team App for the vendor contact info and order form.


Piranhas team t-shirts are available via the following website by Banana Tree Embroidery:



New Swimmers

The minimum swimmer qualifications are as follows:

  • 8 & Under Swimmers: Must be able to swim 1 continuous length (25 meters) of the pool using a coordinated stroke and rhythmic breathing, and be able to float on their back.
  • 9-12 Year Old Swimmers: Must be able to swim 1 continuous length (25 meters) of legal freestyle with good rhythmic breathing and 1 length (25 meters) of legal backstroke.
  • 13 & Over Swimmers: Must be able to swim 2 continuous lengths (50 meters) of legal freestyle with good rhythmic breathing and 2 continuous lengths (50 meters) of legal backstroke.